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There are three main ways you can be involved in the Plastic Police® program.
Plastic Police soft plastic recycling and engagement program

Implement the Plastic Police® program

Suitable for businesses, councils, schools and projects generating larger volumes of soft plastics and requiring a dedicated collection service.

  • Plastic Police® Membership
  • Education and engagement
  • Soft plastics collection service
  • Plastic Police® equipment and reporting
  • Closed-loop program
Plastic Police Participating councils drop off points for soft plastics

Drop-off soft plastics at your nearest participating council

Suitable for businesses and households generating smaller quantities of soft plastics.

  • Plastic Police® Membership
  • Education and engagement
  • Plastic Police® equipment

Contact us to find out if your local council is participating in the Plastic Police® program.

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Purchase products made from soft plastics

Keen to make a difference? Help us close the loop by procuring products made from soft plastics collected through the Plastic Police® program. Products include outdoor furniture, wheel stops, bollards, asphalt and more.

Contact us for more information on procuring sustainable products made locally from soft plastics.



Plastic Police® soft plastic recycling stations are set up within your organisation. Soft plastics are collected regularly by our collection partner and are transported to our processing partners for recycling into new products.

Participating organisations procure products, such as outdoor furniture, wheel stops or asphalt, to close the loop on what has been generated by the business.

  • Reduce landfill costs
  • Achieve landfill diversion and environmental targets
  • Reduce your organisation’s ecological footprint
  • Empower and engage your staff
  • Demonstrate product stewardship along the supply chain
  • Positive brand exposure
  • Sustainable procurement opportunities
  • Plastic Police® aligns with a number of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Provide a drop-off service for residents and businesses in your local government area.

Councils close the loop on soft plastics generated within their local community by procuring asphalt and other products made from soft plastics, such as outdoor furniture, bollards and decking.

  • Reduce waste to landfill
  • Reduce plastic pollution to promote healthier oceans, ecosystems and wildlife
  • Provide a circular economy solution to soft plastics in your local government area
  • Procure sustainable products to showcase the community’s recycling efforts
  • Plastic Police® aligns with a number of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Provide environmental education and engage your community
  • Reduce contamination in kerbside recycling


Set up a soft plastic recycling station at your school so students, teachers and parents can help reduce plastic pollution and create a cleaner, greener world. Drop off soft plastics at your local participating council to be transformed into new products through the Plastic Police® program.

Schools can purchase products such as bench seats and garden beds to close the loop on soft plastics collected and showcase the recycling efforts of their students.

  • Educate students and staff on environmental issues and the importance of recycling
  • Reduce plastic pollution to promote healthier oceans, ecosystems and wildlife
  • Teach students about sustainability and how they can make a positive difference every day
  • Litter reduction on the playground
  • Reduce landfill costs
  • Engagement with students, parents, teaching staff and the wider school community
  • Link to curriculum


Do you have a project that is expected to generate a large volume of soft plastics? Whether it’s a one-off or ongoing project, Plastic Police® can help you achieve your waste diversion targets by recycling soft plastics.
  • Reduce waste to landfill
  • Achieve waste targets
  • Adopt a sustainable circular economy initiative that can assist with ISCA and Green Star ratings
  • Align your project with a number of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with the Plastic Police ® program
  • Meet your obligations under the Australia Packaging Covenant Organisation

Manufacturers and reprocessors

We are always investigating opportunities to develop new end markets and products for the material we are collecting.

If you are a manufacturer or reprocessor who needs plastic feedstock materials, or are interested in being involved in the program to help close the loop, we’d love to hear from you.

Plastic Police Baled Soft Plastics


Every single one of us has an important role to play in stemming the tide on plastic pollution. Here are four ways you can get involved today.
Plastic Police Make your difference Help reduce plastic pollution today
  1. Reduce the amount of soft plastics you use at home, work and when out and about. Buy bread in paper instead of plastic. Use reusable wax wraps instead of cling wrap. Bring reusable shopping bags and produce bags to the grocery store. Use containers instead of plastic zip lock bags and buy plastic free produce.
  2. Talk to your employer, school and/or council about implementing the Plastic Police® program.
  3. Buy products made from recycled plastics to support the recycling industry in Australia.
  4. If you see plastic litter, pick it up and dispose of it responsibly so it doesn’t make its way to the ocean.

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