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More and more schools are actively taking steps to waste less and recycle more.

Yet there is one particular waste stream that many schools get stuck on: soft plastic.

Have you wondered, how can our school recycle soft plastic? What equipment will I need? What things can and can’t be recycled? Where can I recycle it? And, how will I inspire students and teachers to recycle soft plastic? Then you’re in the right place.

The Plastic Police® Starter Pack has been designed to help schools set up and run a successful soft plastic recycling, reduction and circular economy program.  We collaborate with Councils to deliver a sustainable and transparent recycling solution for waste plastics generated by schools unable to be recycled through kerbside or via store drop-off.  We provide educational resources and guidance to help schools take action to Reduce, Recycle and Repurchase. 

Students recycling soft plastic
A plastic ocean

Currently, the soft plastic at your school is likely destined for a life in landfill. Or worse…

And that’s where it will stay for eternity because plastic doesn’t biodegrade in the environment. Because soft plastic is so lightweight, it can blow away and end up in our oceans where it hurts wildlife who eat it or become tangled in it. Together, we can change this.

Imagine instead, if your school was waste free…

Imagine this: Instead of litter, colourful reusable lunchboxes, drink bottles and wax wraps dot the playground as kids enjoy their lunches. Inside, lunchboxes are completely trash free. Food scraps are fed to the chooks and composted. All soft plastic packaging from the canteen is recycled into school benches and garden beds. Organic veggies grow in the garden beds made from the school’s recycled soft plastic. What the kids learn in the classroom about the environment, flows into the playground and results in positive recycling behaviours at school and at home.

This is all possible. How do we know? Because we’ve done it.

We’ve helped schools reduce and recycle their soft plastic, time and time again.

Plastic Police® started in a primary school in Lake Macquarie in 2015. One of the mums, Samantha, was frustrated with how much single-use plastic packaging was being put in the bins at home and school, and she decided to do something about it.

She challenged the children and teachers to collect their chip packets and snack wrappers. The soft plastic packaging collected by the school was then recycled into a bench seat! The children were able to see how recycling could protect the environment AND create something new and useful for their school.

Then, something amazing happened. Schools and businesses from all over Australia wanted to take part. Samantha founded the Plastic Police® program, and now Samantha and her team are on a mission to help more schools, like yours, reduce and recycle soft plastic and buy back products made from recycled plastic.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what other schools have had to say.

Plastic Police Team
Photo: Lexi Crouch (left) and Samantha Cross (right) from Plastic Police®


Introducing the Plastic Police® Starter Pack

The Plastic Police® Starter Pack has everything a school needs to get started (conditions apply).   Before you start, check if your local Council is already working with Plastic Police® as we are now working with Councils to roll out our engagement program and enable schools to download the digital program resources at no cost to your school (excludes bag stands and bags which can be purchased by schools if needed).

We are updating our program champion guide and resources to reflect the current viable options for recycling soft plastic and demonstrate there are still viable options for schools and Councils that want to take action and be part of a sustainable and transparent solution.  Depending on your location, some schools can drop off plastics drop off to local councils that are accepting waste plastics at their Community Recycling Centres.   Our resources have handy tips to get started and take action today to Reduce, Recycle and Repurchase, all covered in the Champion Guide.

Here’s exactly what you get

Plastic Police Starter Pack for Schools

    • • A soft plastic recycling station. This includes a bag stand and bags for collecting soft plastic and signage showing what can (and can’t) be recycled. Our recycling station has been proven to reduce contamination and encourage correct recycling behaviours, reduce litter and make it easy to drop off soft plastic for recycling.
    •  The Champion Guide. You’ll get our tried and tested, proven process for setting up soft plastic recycling in an easy step by step guide.
    • • Plastic Police® educational resources. Use our educational resources such as posters, videos, ‘Plastic Police® Champion School’ logo and more to educate and inspire students and teachers to reduce and recycle their soft plastic.
    • • Support from the Plastic Police® team. We’re here to help if you have any questions about soft plastic recycling or need advice.
    • • Be part of the Plastic Police® community.

The Champion Guide provides step by step instructions for setting up a recycling program that works.

We documented every step we took to implement soft plastic recycling at schools and put it into an easy to follow guide. The Champion Guide teaches teachers how to set up and run a successful soft plastics reduction and recycling program in 10 simple steps over 4 modules.

The Champion Guide includes:

  • Answers to your questions, like: What is soft plastic? What can (and can’t) be recycled? Where can I recycle it?
  • How to encourage positive behaviour changes amongst children, their families, teachers and the wider school community.
  • Over 30 ways your school can reduce soft plastic waste from the canteen, lunchboxes, office, staff room and at home.
  • How to collect data and record how much soft plastic your school saves from landfill.
  • How your school can turn waste into a resource with a bench seat, garden bed or playground activities for your school made from recycled soft plastic.

More and more schools are joining the War on Waste. Take your efforts to the next level by reducing and recycling your school’s soft plastic with the Plastic Police® Starter Pack.

The Plastic Police® Starter Pack

Plastic Police Starter Pack for Schools
Only $389 +GST plus shipping!

The Plastic Police® Starter Pack can be yours for $389 +GST plus shipping to your school. 

The Plastic Police® Starter Pack includes a recycling station (bag stand and bags), signage and educational resources.  

Champion Guide and Educational Resources Only

Digital resources
$299+GST for instant download

Purchase the Champion Guide, signage and educational resources for immediate download for $299 +GST (digital resources only, excludes recycling station).

This is a great option for schools already collecting soft plastic or that already have a recycling station. The Champion Guide, Signage and Educational Resources will provide you with inspiration and resources to complement and extend your impact (and reduce the risk of contamination).

It all starts by taking a (bag) stand.

Fill out the order form below, and we’ll send you an invoice.

Then, download your Plastic Police® Champion Guide and educational resources, while we ship your soft plastic recycling station to your school.

P.S. Every day that passes, your school is sending hundreds of pieces of soft plastic to landfill (where it will sit for eternity) when it could easily be recycled. Together, we can change this. Take a stand and start reducing and recycling your soft plastic with the Plastic Police® Starter Pack.

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